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2019 TAB Assessment

2019 Programme Applications

From 14 June to 12 July, 2019 ICAO invited emissions unit programmes to apply for assessment by TAB against the CORSIA Emissions Unit Criteria (EUC).

ICAO received 14 responses to the call for applications. The responses provided - except for information labeled as business confidential - are included below.

1. American Carbon Registry

2. British Columbia Offset Program

3. China GHG Voluntary Emission Reduction Program

4. Clean Development Mechanism

5. Climate Action Reserve

6. Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

7. Global Carbon Trust

8. Gold Standard

9. myclimate

10. Nori


12. Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization

13. The State Forests of the Republic of Poland

14. Verified Carbon Standard

Public Comments

On 5 August, 2019, ICAO invited the public to submit comments on the responses to the call for applications, including regarding their alignment with the EUC.

ICAO received 16 public comments, which can be viewed in a consolidated form here.

TAB Recommendations

TAB submitted its first report to Council in January 2020. After consideration, Council accepted TAB's recommendations, and approved the associated ICAO document "CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units." TAB's recommendations from its first assessment are available in all six ICAO official languages.

The latest ICAO Document "CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units," as approved by the Council is available for download here.

Registry Attestations

Signed Emissions Unit Programme Registry Attestations from programmes approved by Council in March 2020 are available below:

1. American Carbon Registry

2019 Webinar for Emissions Unit Programmes

On 3 July, 2019, ICAO held a webinar for emissions unit programmes to learn more about the application process for the assessment by TAB.

TAB Assessments

TAB completed assessments in 2020 and 2021. Detailed information about those assessments can be accessed below:

2020 TAB Assessment

2021 TAB Assessment

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