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Developments in Aviation Training

TRAINAIR Plus Programme — Supporting Aviation Human Resources Development


TRAINAIR PLUS Programme — Supporting Aviation Human Resources Development


Production of the new Instructor Competency Framework


Several important deliverables have been attained by ICAO since the inception of the GAT Office, including the development of an Instructor Competency Framework, which provides standards and measures that translate into best instructional practices for competency-based training. It details the competencies and criteria for qualification as an ICAO instructor. The Instructor Competency Framework was launched through the Training Instructors Course (TIC). The TIC provides the theoretical knowledge and application practice for aspiring instructors to achieve these competencies. Delivered in two parts, TIC-1 through eLearning and TIC-2 through classroom training, the course is in wide demand among Member States. Participants with varied instructor experience standardize their competencies to prepare, deliver and evaluate training, ensuring training meets objectives and trainees achieve desired performance. In 2014, 147 participants from 27 Member States completed the TIC successfully, a testament to the need for standardized instructor training in the global aviation community and GAT support to our Member States.


Launch of the new ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Courses


In addition to TIC, a new TRAINAIR PLUS effective Training Management Course (TMC) was introduced to address operational aspects of managing an aviation training organization that meets required standards of operation, training delivery, and quality management. Those responsible for establishing, managing or operating an aviation training organization benefit from this course by enabling participants to apply the ICAO training organization assessment guidelines to prepare their training organization to meet and maintain operational and quality standards for ICAO recognition. The TMC was delivered at ICAO Headquarters in 2014, and plans are underway to implement it globally in 2015.


Regional Standardization Meetings


The ICAO GAT Office successfully organized three regional Course Developers and Instructors Standardization (CDI/STD) Meetings in 2014, held in the United Arab Emirates, India and Brazil. These meetings, which attracted 267 participants from 71 States, were convened to promote and enhance training effectiveness and efficiency and provide a unique platform for training professionals to exchange best practices. The ICAO Competency-based Training Methodology was reinforced, and the ICAO Instructor Competency Framework was recognized as the criterion for the qualification, training and recurrent assessment of instructors.


The current and future GAT Office portfolio and activities will continue to play a central role in the development of aviation training programmes and implementation of Assembly Resolution A38-12, Appendix D (, as well as the ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy. The new approach to training by ICAO is marking a shift in the way we have been dealing with human resources development strategies. Nevertheless, the new ICAO training structure, involving strong cooperation between the GAT Office, ICAO Bureaus and Regional Offices, will contribute to the effective implementation of SARPs and will send a strong signal to our sector that ICAO is determined to prioritize training as a key enabler and meet the needs of our internal and external stakeholders.

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