Strategic Objective — Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency — New and Emerging Activities

Global Air Navigation Priorities

New and Emerging Activities

Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects (TCB)


New and Emerging Activities


New Regional Air Navigation Plan


The Council, during its 202nd Session, approved the new regional Air Navigation Plan (ANP) template and procedures for amendment. The new regional ANP web-based platform will consist of: Volume I (former Basic) containing stable ANP elements which require approval by the Council; Volume II (former FASID) containing dynamic ANP elements which do not require approval by the Council (approval will be by Regional agreement); and Volume III (new) containing dynamic/flexible plan elements providing implementation planning guidance for air navigation systems and their modernization, taking into consideration the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs), with approval under the responsibility of the Secretariat and the relevant planning and implementation regional group (PIRG).


Approval of the new ANPs for air navigation region(s), based on the approved template, will be accomplished with the transfer of the corresponding information from existing ANP Basic and FASID volumes to the new ANP Volumes I and II. The new Volume III will be developed by the Regional Offices, and the development of the new ANPs in all regions is expected to be finalized by the end of 2015.


Air Navigation Integrated Work Programme


Following on from the 2013 approval and endorsement of ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) by the Council and Assembly, respectively, in April the Air Navigation Commission reviewed and approved a prioritized air navigation work programme focussed on standardization. Concurrently, the Air Navigation Bureau developed an air navigation integrated work programme which, along with standardization, focussed also on rollout — in the form of guidance material and training aids. Implementation toolkits (or iKits) will ensure that the air navigation integrated work programme provides packaged ICAO provisions to States centred on regulatory and operational improvements consistent with the aviation safety priorities and aviation system block upgrade methodology contained in the Global Plans. In addition, the air navigation integrated work programme forms a basis for the work activities of those ICAO expert groups addressing aviation safety and air navigation capacity and efficiency. In May, the Council was briefed, informally, on the air navigation integrated work programme.

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