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2021 has been designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as the Year of Security Culture (YOSC).


The YOSC initiative aims to raise security awareness and promote a positive security culture in aviation operations across the world. It seeks to encourage and facilitate the enhancement of security behaviours and practices, focusing on the principle that security is everyone's responsibility – from the ground up and top-down. 

The ICAO Security Culture Website  contains further information on the YOSC. Also included on the platform is a wealth of security culture resources and downloadable material from ICAO, States and industry, such as:


Global activities

The YOSC requires global efforts and actions. ICAO is happy to help promote and report on applicable security culture activities through its Events Calendar

ICAO ESAF/WACAF/AFCAC YOSC Regional webinars - ENGLISH *Click to Register
0900-1100 hrs Montreal time; 1600-1800 hrs Nairobi time
2021-04-13  ICAO ESAF/WACAF/AFCAC YOSC Regional webinars - FRENCH *Click to Register
0700-0900 hrs Montreal time; 1100-1300 hrs Dakar time


If you wish to obtain further details or inform about your activities please contact icaowacaf@icao.int and the ICAO YOSC Team yosc@icao.int

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