YOSC- Year of Security Culture Meeting (ICAO ESAF/WACAF/AFCAC YOSC Regional webinars - ENGLISH)

Date & Time  April 13, 2021 04:00 PM in Nairobi / 1300 hours UTC

Virtual Meeting Details

The ICAO ESAF and WACAF Regional Offices, jointly with AFCAC have organized a joint webinar with the objective of supporting and promoting the ICAO Year of Security Culture (YOSC), as per the agenda below:


Agenda Items  


1.      Opening Speech by ICAO Regional Director :1600-1615 hrs ( 15 minutes)

The opening speech will include Year of Security Culture (YOSC) aims/objectives; ICAO support tools; and the need for global efforts.  


2.      ICAO: Security Culture Self-Assessment : 1615-1645 hrs ( 30 minutes)

The YOSC team will demonstrate   how entities can assess their security culture using material from the ICAO Security Workshop and other ICAO resources e.g. ICAO Security Culture Toolkit and ICAO Security Culture Campaign 'Starter Pack'.  

3.      States - Security Culture Best Practices: 1645-1705hrs ( 20 minutes)

Case studies from States in region that focus on how to implement an effective security culture in aviation. States will share their security culture experiences and best practices and offer tips on overcoming common challenges.


4.      Regional OrganizationsSecurity Culture Assistance: 1705-1725( 20 minutes)

Regional Organizations will share their approaches to security culture. Organizations will highlight their security culture activities and discuss what security culture assistance is available to airports and States in the region. 

5.      Industry – Security Culture Activities: 1725-1745 ( 20 minutes)

Industry (IATA, ACI, individual airports, airlines, handling agents etc.) will share their approaches and best practices on security culture. Industry will highlight activities that their members can undertake to put in place a strong security culture.


6.      Conclusions 1745-1815hrs ( 30 minutes)

Q&A,   Discussion on the outcomes of the webinar, and next steps for all entities in developing a strong and effective security culture. 

The targeted stakeholders include Civil Aviation Authorities, Airport Authorities, Airlines, Government security and Border Control agencies at the airports (Police, Immigration, Customs, and Port Health etc), Ground Handling agencies.  

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