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APIRG endorsed the objectives of capacity and potential economy benefits associated with future implementation of a 1 000 ft reduced vertical separation minimum in the AFI Region and, therefore, conclude that such implementation planning should be progressed as a priority item.

The Air Navigation Commission in approving APIRG Conclusion13/85 relating to initial implementation of RVSM in the AFI Region, recommended that the Commission, prior to determination of a Target implementation date, make an Implementation Strategy available for approval. APIRG 14 mandated the AFI RVSM Task Force to develop a strategy for the implementation of RVSM in the AFI Region.


An AFI RVSM Strategy has been developed to introduce the AFI Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Program, its contents and challenges, and describes how it will organize and manage the numerous stakeholders. The RVSM Program will provide six additional flight levels between FL 290 and FL 410 inclusive in the airspace of 53 RVSM States. This will result in additional airspace capacity, reduction in flight delays and fuel economies for the users.


An RVSM Master Plan is being develop to set out the scope of the work needed to safely implement RVSM at the earliest realistic date and in an efficient manner. The application of a reduced vertical separation minimum by the RVSM States and ATS providers requires completion of a wide-ranging and coordinated array of activities by the various stakeholders in the AFI RVSM States, as well as by the airspace users. These activities must still be identified to enable RVSM operations to be conducted in a safe and efficient manner. The AFI RVSM Master Plan will therefore be developed in consultation with States, service providers, ICAO, IATA and other relevant stakeholders.


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