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The AFI RVSM Program Office (ARPO) was established in Nairobi to ensure successful and timely implementation of RVSM. This Office will manage the RVSM Program and dedicated staff with the required expertise was appointed for this purpose. The Program Office will act as the AFI RVSM Implementation focal point and provide guidance to National Program Managers, who will in-turn report to the Program Office. The Program Office will develop a detailed Program Management Plan, which will provide a baseline and communication tool against which to monitor the cost, schedule and performance aspects of the RVSM Program. The Work Schedule can be summarized into four sub-programs.
  • Aircraft Operations and Airworthiness
To ensure timely RVSM approvals for Aircraft Operations and Airworthiness by States, technical, operational and regulatory directives shall be made available for airspace users. ARPO will also assist and monitor the approval process. Aircraft height-keeping accuracy must be verified through the operation of a height-monitoring infrastructure system. The monitoring program will provide the technical data to confirm that safety objectives are met.
  •  Air Traffic Management (ATM)
This sub-program will ensure that all ATS provider units are well prepared and ready for the introduction of RVSM on the agreed date. Tasks will be identified to allow States to make airspace restructuring, introduce RVSM Procedures, modify ATC systems, provide ATC Training and resolve legislative issues.
  • RVSM Safety Assurance
RVSM safety assurance constitutes the safety assessments necessary prior to implementation, just after implementation and at the end of the RVSM Program to ensure that the agreed safety objectives are met. This includes amongst others the development of an agreed RVSM safety policy, and will identify the possible need for States to prepare RVSM safety cases.
  • Regional Monitoring Agency (RMA) 
It is recognised that there is a requirement for monitoring of aircraft height keeping performance as part of RVSM implementation program. An AFI Regional Monitoring Agency (RMA) was established in South Africa by the AFI RVSM Task Force. The RMA will provide Safety Oversight Services in connection with implementation and continued safe use of RVSM within the designated airspace. 
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