Regional initiatives

  • Virtual Meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation of WACAF and ESAF Regions (22 June 2020) on the ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART)


Invitation letter / Lettre d'invitation

Tentative programme / Programme previsionnel


​CART Report

​CART Take-off Report

​Presentation - Regional office strategy and action plan to support restart and recovery of civil aviation

​Presentation - CART_REPORT

​Presentation - Overview

Report of the meeting​

​Transmission letter

​Final report

​Appendix - List of participants



  • E-Meeting of USOAP CMA National Continuous Monitoring Coordinators (NCMCs) on the COVID-19 Contingency Related Differences (CCRD), 23 April 2020


Invitation letter / Lettre d'invitation

Provisionnal Agenda and Workprogramme

Forwarding letter report USOAP NCMC

​Report on the WACAF E-MEETING of NCMCs

​            Appendix A - COVID19 Mesures opérationnelles PPT

​                 Appendix B - Alleviations Measures Generic COVID-19

​                Appendix C - List of Attendees - E-Meeting of NCMCs

​ICAO WACAF - Status of Implementation of the CCRDs by States


  • WACAF Directors-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Virtual Meeting on COVID-19, 9 April 2020



Report release letter / Lettre de transmission du rapport


​Report of the meeting

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