Conference Services and Seating Arrangements

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Access and Seating Arrangements

Access to the building will be restricted to fully accredited delegates. Depending on COVID-19 related social distancing measures in force at the time of the meeting, the capacity of the ICAO Conference Centre and conference rooms may be limited.


The Seating plans will be displayed at the entrances of conference room. Meeting attendants will be available to guide Chief Delegates and their accompanying delegates to their allocated seats. The Suggested Schedule of Meetings is published here and will be displayed on digital screens throughout the Conference Centre.


Formal Opening Plenary, Executive Committee and Technical Commission in the Assembly Hall


Seating arrangements for the Plenary, Executive Committee and Technical Commission meetings are based on the number of participating Member States, the size of their registered and accredited delegations (confirmed by 31 August 2022, as per the State Letter SA 41/2 − 22/21) and the capacity of the Assembly Hall. Up to four seats will be allotted to Member States delegations (two at the table and two behind). Two seats will be allotted to Observer delegations who have confirmed their attendance by Wednesday, 31 August 2022 (one at the table and one behind). Some additional seats are available to International Organizations in the Galleries located on the fifth floor of the Conference Centre. Three concurrent connections per Member State and two concurrent connections per International Organization will be allowed on the Zoom platform for Delegates wishing to take the floor remotely.


The following link can be used to connect to the live broadcast of the meetings.


Legal, Economic and Administrative Commissions in the Roberto Kobeh Chamber (CR 3)


One seat at the table is allotted to each Member State delegation. Please note that there are not enough seats to accommodate all Observer delegations due to the limited capacity of the room. Therefore, a maximum of one seat per Observer delegation may be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Two concurrent connections per Member State and one unique connection per International Organization will be allowed on the Zoom platform for Delegates wishing to take the floor remotely.


For Webcasting availability, please refer to the ICAO broadcast schedule here.


It is recommended that delegations limit their in-person attendance and participate virtually instead.


This arrangement is subject to change, and this page will be kept updated accordingly.


Due to measures related to COVID-19, the distribution of printed material, invitations, brochures, gifts, or any other items in the Conference Centre is strictly prohibited. Conference rooms will need to be cleaned and sanitized after each use, and any papers or other materials left on tables will be discarded. Participants are requested to take their papers or other materials with them at the close of the meeting as discarding them causes a hindrance to efficient cleaning and maintenance operations.


Electronic Mailboxes for Delegations

In line with United Nations environmental sustainability practices and event management, A41 will be conducted as a paperless event and there will be no distribution of printed Assembly documentation and no physical pigeonholes. In continuation with past practice, each Delegation will be provided with a dedicated email mailbox whereby messages and information, including invitations, pamphlets, etc., related to the Assembly may be sent, exchanged and shared.


An envelope with details on how to use these dedicated mailboxes will be provided to each Delegation at the time of on-site Registration. The email mailboxes will be formatted as follows: Upon completion of the Assembly, all ‘A41.d…’ email mailboxes and their contents will be permanently deleted.


Electronic Mailboxes for Delegations

(List of individual Delegation email mailboxes addresses to follow)


Internet Access

The ICAO Assembly Hall and meeting areas are equipped to offer Internet connectivity through a wireless network for attendees who bring their own portable computers with wireless capability. Using the public wireless network, users with computer equipment having wireless capabilities compatible with WiFi 802.11b/g/n will have access to the Internet. Specifications for ICAO’s public wireless network are outlined here.


Meeting Rooms

Please note that to comply with the prevailing social distancing requirements, meeting space is significantly reduced due to technical needs associated with the hybrid event format. The Secretariat may not be in a position to accommodate requests for meeting space for use by Member States or Regional Groups within the building. States/Regional Groups are encouraged to arrange for their own meeting space needs in surroundings facilities.


Office Space

The Organization regrets that it is not able to provide office accommodation for delegations attending the Assembly. It is suggested that those delegations requiring office space specify their requirements to their selected hotels when making room reservations.


Exhibition Space

On the availability of exhibition space, inquiries should be directed to:


Printing Services

While the Assembly will be conducted as a paperless event, the Organization offers printing services of non-Assembly material on a cost recovery basis. During the Assembly period, ICAO will offer printing services for items such as business cards, promotional items and posters. It should be noted however that the distribution of printed material or any other items in the conference centre is strictly prohibited.


For more information on Printing Services, contact Mr. Eric Brault at


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