2022 ICAO Treaty Event

In his capacity as the Depositary of multilateral air law treaties, the Secretary General of ICAO would like to encourage the participation of States in the second ICAO Treaty Event, which will be held on 27 and 28 September 2022 at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, during the 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly.


This Treaty Event will take place under the theme “75th Anniversary of the ICAO Legal Committee – Building the Global Legal Regime for Civil Aviation”. The year 2022 not only marks the 75th anniversary of the coming into force of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, but also the establishment of the ICAO Legal Committee by the First Session of the ICAO Assembly in 1947.


This Event is launched with a view to promoting the ratification of multilateral air law treaties by providing special facilities for representatives of Member States, in the margins of the Assembly Session, for depositing instruments of ratification or accession.


The Treaty Event will focus on promoting the ratification/accession of the following international air law instruments:


- the Montreal Convention of 1999;

- the Beijing Convention of 2010;

- the Beijing Protocol of 2010;

- the Montreal Protocol of 2014; and

- the 2016 Protocols amending Articles 50(a) and 56 of the Chicago Convention.


States are encouraged to make use of the Treaty Event by depositing instruments of ratification or accession to the above-mentioned treaties or any other treaty for which ICAO acts as Depositary.


Kindly note that a complete list of air law treaties deposited with the Organization as well as forms indicating the individual ratification status of each State with respect to international air law instruments is available on the ICAO Treaty Collection Website. Administrative packages for the ratification of international air law instruments, which include model instruments of ratification, are also made available on the above-mentioned website.


States who wish to participate in the 2022 Treaty Event should inform the Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau (LEB) of ICAO, by 31 August 2022, so that the necessary arrangements/appointments may be made (email: treaty@icao.int; telephone: (514) 954-6090).


Alternatively, States may also wish to use the facilities provided by the Treaty Event to seek an appointment with LEB in order to discuss their current status with regard to international air law instruments.

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