Third Meeting of the MIDANPIRG ATM Sub-Group

Note: No documentation in hardcopies will be available      
(Cairo, Egypt, 22 - 25 May 2017)
​Invitation Letter
​List of Participants
​All Documentation
​WP # ​Agenda
Item #
​WP Title   ​
​11Provisional Agenda and Election of Chairpersons
2 ​2 Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/16 Conclusions and Decisions relevant to ATM and SAR Fields
3​3​GANP 2016
4​3Update on SAR Activities at Global Level
5​3​MID eANP
6​3MID Region Air Navigation Strategy Edition February 2017
​7​3MID Air Navigation Report - 2017​
8​3MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP)
9​3Route Designators​
​104​MID ATS Route Network
11​4Outcome of the AIRDAD TF/1
​124​Outcome of the AAMA SCM
13​4​Realignment & Extension of ATS Routes UB403 and B404 within Sanaa & Muscat FIRs
​14​4Outcome of the ICAO Route Development Group - EAST (RDGE/26) Meeting
​15​4MID ATS Route Catalogue
164​ICAO MID Route Development Working Group (RDWG)
​17​4Contingency Planning
​19​5Air Traffic Flow Management
205​World Cup 2022 Task force
22​5SIDs and STARs New Phraseology​
​23​5Radar Longitudinal Separation
​24​5SSR Codes Issues at the EUR/MID Interface
​25​5MID Region High Level Airspace Concept
266​MIDRMA Activities
​27​6Wake Turbulence Separation in RVSM Airspace
28​6Call Sign Confusion Initiative
​29​6CANSO Initiative for Championing a Safety Enhancement Implementation related to SMS Implementation for ATM
​30​6ELP for ATCOs and SAR Experts
​31​6Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)
32​6GPS Signal Jamming
33​6Air Safety Reports
​34​3Capacity and Efficiency Initiatives in India
35​7​Status of Search and Rescue in the MID Region
36​7​Draft MID Search and Rescue Implementation Plan
​37​8​ATM and SAR Deficiencies in the MID Region
389​​Future Work Programme
39 4​Elimination of Air Navigation Deficiencies for Egypt - ATM Field​
 40​3​State Recovery from Political Unrest


​4Resiliency of Route Structures across Traffic Axes


IP #Agenda Item #IP ​Title
​1List of Working and Information Papers
​2Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
​33​Civil/Military Cooperation
4​6Managing Interference to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
​#Agenda Item #​Flimsy​
15​ACAC ATFM Activities​
​​PPT #Agenda Item #​Presentation Title​
​1​3Civil/Military ​Cooperation
​2​3EUR ASBU Monitoring and Reporting related to ATM
​3​3AIM in support of ATM
​4​3ICARD Issues​
​5​5Update from Bahrain
​6​5Air Navigation Services Development in Oman​
​74​Update from Iraq
​​​86​Middle East Visualization and Simulation of Air Traffic  -  MID-VSAT ​
95Update from CARC Jordan

Update from UAE


      Drones clip



Call Sign Confusion

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