MID Recovery Plan Task Force (RPTF) Platform


Flight Crew Member Training Programmes  (v1.0, 16 April 2020)
Recent experience requirements - pilot-in-command, co-pilot and cruise relief pilot (v2.0, 15 May 2020)
Variations to existing flight and duty time limitations (v1.0, 17 April 2020)
Helicopter recent experience- Pilot-in-Command Operational Qualification (v1.0, 8 May 2020)
Aeroplane recent experience- Pilot-in-Command area, route & aerodrome qualifications  (v1.0, 8 May 2020)
Cabin Crew Recurrent Training Requirements (v1.0, 20 April 2020)
QRG-OPS-Pilot Proficiency Checks_(v2.1- dated 14 Sep 2020)

​ATCO recency requirement extension (v1.0, 24 April 2020)

ATCO training alleviation as a consequence of COVID-19 spread (v1.1, 15 May 2020)
Periodicity of flight inspection of radio navigation aids (v1.0, 11 May 2020)
Flight crew licence and rating validity extension (v1.0, 24 April 2020)
Medical Assessment - Certificate Validity Extension (v1.0, 22 April 2020)
Continued validity of maintenance organization approvals (v1.0, 27 May 2020)
Recurrent dangerous goods training (v1.0, 15 May 2020)
ICAO Doc 10144 ICAO Handbook for CAAs on the Management of Aviation Safety Risks related to COVID-19
Operational and Airworthiness considerations for the transportation of cargo in the passenger cabin (TCPC)-Version 1.0.

Guidance for Ground Handling during COVID-19 (Ed. 3, 24 April 2020)

Guidance for Crew Health Precautions during Pandemic (Ed 1 - 28 May 2020) 
​Guidance for Cabin Operations During and Post Pandemic (Ed. 2, 07 May 2020

Guidance for Flight Opertions during and Post Pandemic (ed. 3-28 Aug 2020)

 ​States Best Practices
Operations Resumptions Planning - Issue 02 (28 May 2020)
PRP-Restart-002-Post COVID-19 Air Operator Restart Checklist
Aerodrome Operations Resumption Checklist
Post COVID-19 ANSP Restart Checklist Ref: PRP-RESTART 01
Continuing airworthiness (AMO& CAMO organizations)”, Ref: PRP-Restart-004
Post COVID-19 ATO/LSA Re-Start Checklist
PRP-Restart 005
Post COVID-19 ATC and Flight Dispatcher Restart Checklist: Ref: PRP-Restart-005
Communicable Disease Management Programme: Issue 1

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