MID Recovery Plan Task Force (RPTF) Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant and unprecedented challenges to the aviation sector, shutting down all commercial international passenger operations. The High-Level MID Regional Meetings/Teleconferences between ICAO, AACO, ACAO and IATA on COVID-19 Crisis Management agreed to establish the MID Region Recovery Plan Task Force (RPTF).


The main objective of the RPTF is to monitor global restart and recovery developments and ensure the harmonization, and where necessary regional customization, of the implementation of these global developments at the Regional level. In addition, the RPTF plays an advisory role to the MID states, assisting in the formulation of regional restart and recovery plans, and implementing regional activities in support of its objectives, taking into consideration the work done at the global level in order to ensure alignment and avoid duplication of efforts.


The RPTF established 4 technical work streams namely: Public Health Requirements, Operational Safety Measures, Airport & Passengers Facilitation, and Air Navigation Services/Air Traffic Management.

Each stream includes the guidance material developed at the global level mainly by ICAO and IATA to support States during the restart and recovery phases. Moreover, each stream contains the progress reports completed and finalized by the RPTF and other documents as deemed necessary.


The Guidance Material (GM) have been grouped by organizations and are presented in tabular format as individual PDFs.  


RPTF Technical Work Streams

​Public Health Requirements Measures

Airport and Passengers Facilitation

Air Navigation Services / Air Traffic Management

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