Seventh Meeting of the MIDANPIRG Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Sub-Group


(Cairo, Egypt, 31 May - 02 June 2016)
Invitation Letter      
List of Participants
Final Report           
WP #Agenda Item #WP Title 
11Provisional Agenda and election of Chairpersons
22Review Follow-up Actions on MIDANPIRG/15 and other meetings Conclusions and Decisions relevant to CNS
33 Developments in NSP, FSMP and SP
44AFS and MIDAMC activities
54MID IP Network (CRV) Common aeRonautical VPN
64 Challenges and Issues faced Integration of UAS into non-segregated Airspace and Using Fixed Satellite Service Spectrum to support the Safe operation of UAS
74Development and Implementation of ATSEP Certification and Training Framework
84GNSS Planning and Implementation
94Frequency Finder and Coordination for Frequency Assignment
104Review and Update the MID eANP and MID Region Air Navigation Strategy Parts related to CNS
115CNS Deficiencies in the MID Region
126Future Work Programme
134International Agreement with the EC for the use of EGNOS SoL

SITA Integration into the AFS


Using EMAIL/AFTN Gateway in the Regional AFS Contingency Plan

164Consideration of GAGAN For Provision of SBAS Service for the MID Region
174Remote Control Air to Ground (RCAG) Back Bone Over VSAT
IP# Agenda Item #
 IP Title
1List of Working and Information Papers

Daily Order of Business and Work Programme

34Remote Control Air to Ground (RCAG) Back Bone over VSAT
Presentations (PPTs)
PPT# PPT Title
1Developments in Navigation Systems, Frequency Spectrum Management and Surveillance Panels
ASBU B0-FICE and B0-ACAS Implementation in the MID Region
Surveillance IC Allocation and ADS-B Implementation
4CNS Plan in Jordan

Egypt Update on CNS

GNSS Vulnerability
7Iran CNS Report
8Saudi Arabia Update on ASBU B0 Modules related to CNS
9CNS Activities Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre
10Air Navigation Projects in OMAN
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