Safety Management Workshop

Safety Management Workshop
(Kuwait, 25 - 27 May 2015)
​Invitation Letter
​         Bulletin                       
​         Work Programme      
 DAY 1
# Presentations   ​
1​a ICAO_Evolution of Annex 19 and the Global Aviation Safety Plan
​1b ICAO_Regional Safety Activities
1c​ SMS Workshop​
1d ​UAE_State Safety Programme PQ's Points to Note
​1e ​Emirates_Implementing SMS
​1f ​KSA_Safety Management System Overview
​1g ​Sudan National Safety Program Experience
​1h ​Reviving a Stalled SMS
​1i ​CANSO Safety Best Practice in the MID Towards Better Aviation
​1j FAA_Safety Management Activities
 DAY 2
# Presentations   ​
2​a State Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation
​2b MID Safety Summit
2c​ Bahrain_SERCO-BCAA
​2d ​​EASA Experience in SSP/SMS
​2e ​Safety Management System - Overall Layout
​2f ​​Tranforming Global ATM Performance
​2g ​​​New ICAO Approach to Safety Management Training
​2h ​​SMS Under IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit)
 DAY 3
# Presentations   ​
3a Chanllenges in Establishing an Independent Aviation Investigation Bureau
​3b MID Annaul Safety Report
3c​ Reporting Mechanisms/Systems and Safety Culture
​3d ​GADM​UAE_State Safety Programme PQ's Points to NoteGADM)
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