Fourth Meeting of the APIRG Airspace and Aerodrome Operations Sub-Group (AAO/SG4)

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Date & Time:  August 16, 2021 09 AM - 12 PM 

  August 17, 2021 09 AM - 12 PM
  August 18, 2021 09 AM - 12 PM
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    • FINAL Report and Appendices(AAO/SG4)    
    • Draft Conlusions and Decisions (AAO/SG4)                                    ENG   |    FRE
    • AAO - SG4 Action Items                                                                      ENG 


    • Invitation                                                                                                   ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment A - Provisional Agenda Explanatory Notes                       ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment B - Membership of the AAO-SG                                        ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment C - Terms of Reference                                                       ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment D - Information bulletin                                                      ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment F - WP Template                                                                  ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment G - IP Template                                                                   ENG    |   FRE 
    • Panel Outline - The 3As - Building Back Better                                    ENG    |   FRE
    • Order of Business and Work Schedule                                                  ENG


      Title​ ​Language
      Agenda and Election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the AAO/SG

      Review of the APIRG Conclusions/Decisions applicable to the AAO/SG

      Appendix A and B- Status of Implementataion of APIRG Conclusions and Decisions applicable to AAO-SG

      WP/03 A1
      Status of Implementation of ASBU in AFI

      WP/03 A2
      Report of The AFI ATM MASTER Plan Project

      ​WP/03 A3
      AFI ATM Contingency Planning and Coordination

      Appendix - AFI Regional ATM Contingency Plan Version 2

      WP/03 A4-1
      Status of implementaion of the AFI FRA

      ​WP/03 A4-2
      ATS Route Network and Free Route Airsapce (FRA) in AFI Region - Towards the Implementation of FRA

      Appendix V - FRA Gap Analysis Tool English and French

      Appendix A - AFI FRA Implementation Roadmap

      ​WP/03 A5
      RVSM and Operational Safety - ARMA

      WP/03 A6-1
      Status of Search And Rescue (SAR) Project Implementation in the AFI Region

      WP/03 A6-1
      Appendix 1 - Africa and Indian Ocean Search and Rescue Plan (SAR) First Edition – Draft Version 2.0

      WP/03 A6-1
      Appendix 2 - Summary of State SAR Questionnaire GAP ANALYSIS

      WP/03 A6-1
      Appendix - Actions required from AFI SAR workshop 2020

      WP/03 A6-1
      Appendix - ​Action Plan of the ICAO AFI/APAC/MID INTER-REGIONAL SAR WORKSHOP - 2021

      WP/03 A6-2
      Development of the AFI SAR Plan

      Appendix 3 - SAR Agreement Template 

      ​WP/03 A7
      Report of the AFI SSR Code Allocation and Assignment Review (ASCAAR)

      ​WP/03 A8
      Report of the Air Traffic Services Competency Study (ATSCS)

      ​Appendix 1 - Draft Terms Of Reference of the ATS Competency Study Group (ATSCG)

      ​WP/03 A9
      Status of implementation of PBN related Recommendations and Conclusions

      WP/03 A10
      Implementation of Special SAT Meeting Report - 2021

      Appendix - Implementation of Special SAT Meeting Report

      WP/03 A11
      Status of implementation of Civil-Military Cooperation

      Appendix 1 - Action plan Civil-Military Cooperation

      Appendix A -  Civil Military Cooperation Implementation Guide

      WP/03 A12
      Implementation of the interregional ATM Coordination Meeting Report - 2021

      Appendix 1 - Implementation of the AFI Interregional ATM CM-Summary of Discussions

      WP/03 A13
      Status of implementation of TAG Recommendations

      WP/03 A14
      Optimization of ATS Route Structure in En-Route Airspace

      Appendix-1 - Optimization of ATS Route Structure in En-Route Airspace

      WP/03 B
      Aerodrome Operations (AOP) Projects and ASBU Modules

      ​Appendix A - Aerodrome Operations (Safety, Capacity and Efficiency) - Projects

      WP/03 B3
      ACDM Establishment and Implementation in AFI region

      Appendix A -Project Document on Establishment and Implementation of
      A-CDM in the AFI Region

      Appendix B - Major Elements of the project

      WP/03 B6
      Establishment and Implementation of A-CDM in AFI Region Project

      WP/03 C1
      Other Air Navigation Initiatives - Global Reporting of Runway Surface Conditions

      WP/03 C3
      ​Information Sharing among all Airport Stakeholders, as an Enabler for ACDM Implementation

      WP/03 C4
      Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) in AFI – Implementation of an effective civil / military cooperation

      WP/03 C6
      Post COVID 19 Mechanisms in support of ATS

      WP/03 C7
      Implementataion of the GANP in AFI Region

      WP/04 A
      AFI Air Navigation Plan (Doc 7474)

      Appendix - AFI ANP Volume I

      Appendix 1 - AFI ANP Volume II

      WP/04 B
      Updating the AFI AIR Navigation Plan Volume I and II

      WP/05 A
      ​Operationalization of the AFI Air Navigation Deficiencies Database

      Panel Outline - The 3As - Building Back Better 
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      Update on ICAO HQ Update on AGA Matters
      IP/03 B1
      Training and Qualification of AGA Technical Staff Regulators and Airport Operators

      IP/03 B5
      Establishement of Runway Safety Teams at International Airports

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