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This Strategic Objective reflects the need for ICAO´s leadership in harmonizing the air transport framework focused on economic policies and supporting activities. It also refers to fostering the development of an economically viable civil aviation system (airlines, airports, air navigation services providers, etc.) and enhancing its economic efficiency and transparency while facilitating access to funding for aviation infrastructure and other investment needs, technology transfer and capacity building to support the growth of air transport and for the benefit of all stakeholders. The delivery of the results with respect to this Strategic Objective will contribute to producing the following outcomes:


  1. Coherent and harmonized global regulatory framework for international air transport, thereby removing impediments to economic sustainability and maximizing aviation’s contribution to economic development ;
  2. Securing of, and increased accessibility to funding for aviation infrastructure and States’ oversight functions, as well as efficient use of resources and technologies;
  3. Solutions to overcome infrastructure and airspace capacity constraints and improve organizational and managerial capabilities and corporate governance;
  4. Better cooperation amongst the aviation community and all aviation stakeholders, and smooth adaptation to the changes in civil aviation, the global business environment and the market;
  5. Significant savings by States in conducting air services negotiations, and performing regulatory functions;
  6. Availability of accurate, reliable and consistent aviation data for States’ decision-making and accountability, and for operations transparency to all the air transport stakeholders and markets; and
  7. Availability of tools and forecasting necessary to measure and, to the extent possible, predict the various aspects of civil aviation development.

 Sustainable Development of Air Transport Meetings and Events

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