ICAO World Air Services Agreements (WASA) Database

The World Air Services Agreements (WASA) Database is the most complete database of air services agreements worldwide.

The WASA is an enhanced online platform replacing the previous versions of the “Database of the World’s Air Services Agreement” published as ICAO Doc 9511 in printed form and later in CD-ROM format. 

ICAO's WASA serves regulators, airlines and other aviation stakeholders as a unique analytical tool to:

      • Evaluate developments in the air transport field;

      • Run comparative analyses of air services agreements;

      • Assess the degree of liberalization; and

      • Research route planning options.

​Content of the WASA 

To learn more about WASA and possibilities of purchase, please visit the ICAO Civil Aviation Data Solutions (iCADS) Portal to view the Product Page of WASA

*Rules governing the registration process which can be found in Doc 6685 - Rules for Registration with ICAO of Aeronautical Agreements and Arrangements. Including agreements in the WASA does NOT replace the States' obligation to register such air services agreements or amendments under Art. 83 of the Chicago Convention.

**The Summaries of Provisions have no official status as interpretations of the intentions of the parties to the air services agreements or of the contents of those agreements. The summaries are therefore not a substitute for the actual wording of the agreement.

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