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Because air connectivity is a crucial catalyst for sustainable development, ICAO is enabling the emergence of a coherent and harmonized global regulatory framework, the liberalization of international air transport, and the resolution of infrastructure and airspace capacity constraints in order to ensure the sustainable development of an economically viable civil aviation system.

ICAO does this by facilitating cooperation among States and through the provision of economic policies, regulatory guidance, and accurate, reliable and consistent aviation data.

A post-COVID-19 recovery of national and international economies will rely greatly on the recovery of aviation. In this regard, ICAO will continue to provide its long-standing expertise in the production of data, tools, analyses and forecasting to provide irreplaceable insight into the current economic impacts on civil aviation, as well as future capacities, strengths, and weaknesses of the network. 

This analytical expertise, combined with ICAO’s policies and regulatory guidance, will continue to provide support and guidance to States for the implementation of appropriate economic measures, the maintenance of good governance, and the procurement and optimization of resources for aviation.

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