ICAO Instruments for Dialogue and Exchange of Information on Competition

Assembly Resolution A40-9, Appendix A "Economic regulation of international air transport", Section III., requests the Council to develop tools such as an exchange forum to enhance cooperation, dialogue and exchange of information on fair competition between States with a view to promoting compatible regulatory approaches towards international air transport.

To this end, the following actions have been taken:


  • ICAO has prepared and regularly updates the ICAO Competition Compendium as a global repository of competition policies and practices in force nationally and regionally;
  • The Worldwide Air Transport Conferences have regularly discussed the issues of competition in international air transport;
  • The ICAO Air Transport Regulation Panel (ATRP) has discussed competition issues in the context of its work on multilateral instruments to liberalize international air transport;
  • ICAO international air transport meetings are also offered as exchange fora on competition for the enhancement of cooperation, dialogue, and exchange of information:
    • Competition issues have been discussed during ICAO Air Services Negotiation Conferences (ICANs);
    • ICAO Air Transport Symposia also provide a useful platform for addressing issues of the economic development of international air transport including competition.

In addition, Assembly Resolution A40-9, Appendix A, directed the Council to continue to monitor developments in the area of competition in international air transport. 

Within this objective, a State Letter had been sent to Member States to conduct a survey to seek input from States and regional organizations on competition rules and practices in force regionally and nationally. The Survey and its results are available here.

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