ICAO Competition Compendium

The Sixth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/6), held from 18 to 22 March 2013, recommended that “ICAO should develop a compendium of competition policies and practices in force nationally or regionally" (recommendation 2.4/1 g).


This online Compendium of competition laws, regulations and practices, along with forms of cooperation in the field of competition, has been developed by ICAO on the basis of information collected from its Member States through a Competition Survey carried out in June 2015 and supplemented with research from publicly available information sources. In addition to individual States, information is also provided, whenever available, on regional organizations.


The areas covered in the ICAO Competition Compendium are the following:​


Compendium Structure
Compendium Structure


​This non-exhaustive Compendium has been developed with a view to providing easy and quick access to relevant information. Where possible, hyperlinks were inserted as references. In certain cases, the material is only available in a language other than English.​


Considering the variety and complexity of topics involved, while every effort has been made to ensure the quality and accuracy of information offered in this Compendium, it may not always reflect the latest state of play.


In order for ICAO to keep enhancing the coverage and the quality of the information provided in this Compendium, States and regional organizations are encouraged to submit contributions for additions, changes or updates to the ICAO Secretariat at: ecd@icao.int.

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