Competition Laws

The objective of competition laws is to contribute to the overall welfare and sustainable economic growth by promoting market conditions in which the nature, quality and price of goods and services are determined by competitive market forces. 

With increasing globalization and widespread adoption of the market economy, there has been a marked rise in the adoption of competition laws by States, spreading gradually from developed economies to other parts of the world. As liberalization progresses and takes hold in more States,  the traditional concept to ensure fair competition tend to gradually give away to the application of competition laws, particularly in cases where States have agreed to an open competition system. 

Accordingly, the Assembly urges Member States (see the ICAO Consolidated statement of continuing ICAO polies in the air transport field)  to develop competition laws and policies that apply to air transport, taking into account national sovereignty and to consider ICAO guidance on competition.

This section provides ICAO’s approach to anticompetitive behaviours, as well as the competition laws in force in each Member State (if available) and on a regional level.


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