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This database has been prepared by the ICAO Secretariat in response to a recommendation of the fifth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/5) that "States notify ICAO of their policies, positions and practices ... on the conditions under which they accept the designation of an air carrier pursuant to an air services agreement" and that "ICAO maintain and make public information on States' policies, positions or practices on air carrier ownership and control" (Recommendation 1, paragraphs e) and f)).

What is in the database?
The database contains information on each State's current policy or practice with regard to:
  • how it deals with designation of its own air carriers;
  • how it deals with the designation of foreign air carriers; and
  • what position it has on future airline designations.
The information is based on the responses of States to an ICAO questionnaire on their current policies, positions and practices on air carrier ownership and control (State Letter SC 5/6-03/88 dated 26 September 2003 and State Letter EC 2/16.8-07/43 dated 20 July 2007).
What are the benefits?
This database will enhance transparency by providing an inventory of States' policies, positions and practices on this important regulatory issue, which will help provide more certainty for both governments and the airline industry in the planning and operation of international air services. It will also be useful for States in considering policy options with respect to air carrier ownership and control in the liberalization process, including possible common policy with partner States.
How it works?
To find out the policy of a particular State, just click on the name of the State from the List. Note that information is only available for those States that have provided input. States that have not yet done so are encouraged to answer the Questionnaire and send the reply to ICAO soonest possible ( The database will be updated from time to time as new or revised input comes in from States.


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