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ICAO Questionnaire
on State's Policies, Positions and Practices on
Air Carrier Ownership and Control

Below is the text of the State Letter (Ref.: EC 2/16.8-07/43 dated 20 July 2007) sent by the Secretary General of ICAO to the national civil aviation administration of all ICAO Contracting States regarding their policies, positions and practices on air carrier ownership and control.


​Dear Sir/Madam,
I have the honour to refer to the ICAO database on States’ policies, positions and practices on air carrier ownership and control, which is available following this link.
This letter seeks your support and cooperation to keep this database up to date so that ICAO can continue to provide useful information for States and the airline industry in the liberalization process of international air transport. 
The database was developed in 2004 on a recommendation from the fifth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/5) that “ICAO maintain and make public information on States’ policies, positions or practices on air carrier ownership and control”. Based on the input received from States, the database provides an inventory of each State’s policy or practice with regard to: a) how it deals with the designation of its own airlines; b) how it deals with designations of foreign airlines; and c) what position it has on future airline designations. Such information helps to enhance transparency, which provides more certainty for both governments and the airline industry in the planning and operation of international air services. It is also useful for States when considering policy options with respect to air carrier ownership and control in the liberalization process. In response to State letter SC 5/6-03/88 dated 26 September 2003, 56 States and two regions (list attached) have provided information on their policies, which are published on the website. In view of the developments in liberalization since the last survey, the Secretariat intends to update the database in order to keep the information therein current and useful.
Therefore, I would be grateful if you could complete and return to me the questionnaire (identical to the 2003 survey), as early as possible, and not later than 15 September 2007. Alternatively, you may wish to access the following web address overview.aspx and complete the questionnaire online (English version only). For those States who completed the questionnaire for the last survey, I would appreciate it if you could provide us with any updates or changes that may have taken place in your policy, position or practices, or confirm that there have been no changes.
Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.
Taïeb Chérif
Secretary General


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