Joint Financing

A joint financing arrangement is a means of ensuring the availability of funds for the development of a facility, a service or a full range of air navigation services. Where it is very costly for a State to act alone or the capacity of a project exceeds the airspace controlled by a single State, two or more States share the cost of implementing and operating air navigation facilities and services while cooperating with each other in the decision-making process.
Experience gained in the North Atlantic Region indicates that joint financing arrangements can provide cost-effective services with lower level of charges for users. Possible candidates for the application of the joint financing arrangement include projects related to homogeneous air traffic areas and major traffic routes, development of cross-polar routes and calibration of ground aids. 


​​ Topics
  1. Danish / Icelandic Agreements
  2. Height Monitoring System Arrangement
  3. Possible use of Joint Financing Concept


ICAO administers joint financing arrangements upon request and on behalf of States and groups of States.

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