SADIS Cost Recovery Administrative Group (SCRAG)


The SADIS SCRAG was established by the Council of ICAO on 24 November 2000 as part of the Agreement on the Sharing of Costs of the Satellite Distribution System for Information relating to Air Navigation (SADIS). Click here (pdf) to download the agreement.
SADIS is a communications system which has been designed to provide meteorological data from the London World Area Forecast Centre across a satellite footprint which extends from the eastern Atlantic (20° W) to Central Australia (140° E), covering the European region, Africa, the Middle East and West Asia. The United Kingdom operates the SADIS in accordance with ICAO requirements.
The SADIS Agreement has been developed by ICAO to share in a fair and equitable manner the costs of providing, operating and maintaining the SADIS services.
Each Party is assigned a share of the total costs of the SADIS arrangement in proportion to the total number of available tonne-kilometres (ATKs) in scheduled services (international and domestic) performed by air carriers based in the territory of that Party, with an exemption granted to the Least Developed Countries.
It is the prerogative of each Party to decide whether or not to recover the assessment it has paid under the SADIS Agreement from the users (aircraft operators), in conformity with the principles and practices set out by ICAO.
The SCRAG Group is responsible for the administration of the SADIS cost sharing arrangement. This group assesses the annual cost share attributable to each Party and audits the costs of the SADIS provision and any related financial activities incurred by the provider State and subject to cost sharing.


The SCRAG Group is composed of representatives (pdf) from the four Regions where the SADIS services are received (Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East). Support services for the SCRAG Group are performed by the ICAO Secretariat, the costs of which are included in the costs to be shared amongst the Parties participating in the arrangement.


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