iSTARS User Group (iUG/01) Meeting

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It is our pleasure to invite you to the first iSTARS User Group Meeting (iUG/01) which will be held 
between 17 and 19 December 2018 at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 
Headquarters in Montreal, Canada.


The first iUG meeting (iUG/01) will be held from 17 to 19 December 2018 at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Participation in the meeting is free of charge by registration.

If you need lodging, have a look at the list of hotels and the map of nearby food courts.



The iSTARS User Group Meeting (iUG) brings together iSTARS users for discussion and exchange of experiences, innovations and views related to safety and air navigation data and tools and methods for the collection, analysis, reporting and overall management of such data. Participants will present their innovative solutions and good practices and share them with other users. They will also identify common needs, challenges and concerns and discuss ways of resolving them.


Participation is limited to members of the iSTARS ICAO Portal Group. Participants include data analysts, data management experts and other technical experts who are active users of iSTARS involved in the collection, analysis and management of safety and air navigation data and developing related solutions and improvements.         



A call will be launched online to collect proposals for presentations. ANB,​ together with selected iSTARS Group members, will review and select presentations that are relevant to the scope of the meeting and the needs of the community.​   


The a​ge​​nda will cover the following main topics:
  • o​versight: compliance audits and audit results, inspections and inspection results;
  • air navigation: issues related to efficiency, airspace, aerodromes, delays, etc.;
  • operations: issues related to routes, airlines, aircraft, occurrences/events, human factors, etc.; and 
  • support functions: organization, training, technical resource management, etc.
Within each topic, presentations will highlight achievements or solutions focusing on the following elements: 
  • data: data sets, metrics, indicators, reporting tools and visual representations (graphs, charts, maps);
  • tools: websites, online platforms, software, apps, automated forms, spreadsheets; and
  • ​methods: algorithms, processes, procedures, guidance and how-to documentation, etc.​


A sub-site of the iSTARS public website will be created to publish the agenda, to call for presentations and then to publish the presentations.

All communication relating to the meeting will be electronic and informal. 

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