Analysis Workshops


ICAO is pleased to offer an Analysis Workshop that covers the advanced use of ICAO’s iSTARS collection of safety and efficiency datasets and web applications.
This workshop will provide participants with practical experience with a variety of analysis tools to help them mitigate risk, create safety, efficiency, and risk analyses, and make decisions appropriate to the unique situation. Participants will generate their own action plans based on the statistics, graphs, maps, dashboards and then give presentations (Safety Briefings) to their peers during the workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet the tool developers and discuss safety data and analysis for their organization.
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Sample Agenda of the Analysis Workshop

 Agenda may5 480.jpg

Structure of the Analysis Workshop
More Details
The goal of this workshop is for participants to address the issues raised in Protocol Questions 6.5 xx, and to have hands-on practice in the capture and storage of safety data as per SSP element 3.2 and the related Gap Analysis question 3.2-01. The workshop has participants manipulating real data, integrating multiple datasets, building statistics, and creating graphs and maps, as per SSP element 3.2 and the related GAP Analysis question 3.2-03.

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