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Regional Groupings

State Regional Groupings Map

The World Map below allows you to view all official groups managed by ICAO.

  1. Select a group from the dropdown list to display the States within that group. States are regionally grouped and the groups may be of administrative, geographical, or political nature. Because of this, a State can belong to more than one group.
  2. Keep a group as "a layer" if you want to overlay multiple groups. Use Clear layers to reset.
  3. Click Toggle Names to view state names on the map. Click Toggle States to show/hide the selected states of the group.
  4. Move the map by clicking on a State. One click will zoom down, center and display the country code for 2 seconds. If you click once more during that time, zoom out will be performed stepwise. Click on a body of water to zoom out completely.
  5. Use screen capturing software to save an image of the map.

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