How does iSTARS work?


iSTARS is a collection of web applications. As in most of modern devices, those applications are distributed through a Catalogue.


The apps listed in the catalogue are grouped into different categories, depending on what aviation field they relate to. Each app can relate to more than one category. The catalogue can also be searched.



 Some apps are limited to ICAO Member State representatives only. Other apps are private, and can only be seen by the app owner. The invitation tab may contain other applications for which the owner has specifically invited you.


My Apps 

To install an app, just click the "To My Apps" button which will add the application to your personal desktop called "My Apps". "My Apps" is accessible through the upper navigation bar. Because data is in the cloud, nothing is physically installed or downloaded on your computer, tablet, or phone.



"My App" acts like a virtual desktop. You can create multiple desktops, move icons around and delete apps. To modify your desktop, simply unlock it (click on the lock icon image) and drag-and-drop the icons. Deleted apps can be reinstalled through the catalogue.



PINs and Tokens 

All users will get free access to all applications for 30 days. To continue using iSTARS, you need to purchase an eTools PIN Code (64 digit code) from the ICAO Online Store and enter it in the "My Account" page of iSTARS .




PIN Codes contain tokens which will be used as a transaction mean. 100 tokens will be charged to the PIN automatically at the beginning of every 30 day period, which will activate your account for another 30 days.


Users representing ICAO Member States or international non-governmental organisations have unlimited free access.

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