Tuesday, 23 May​

​Nineteenth Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa
(AFI Plan) Steering Committee Meeting


​To review activities of the AFI Plan work programme

  • AFI Plan Steering Committee Members;
  • Directors General of Civil Aviation from AFI Region Member States; and
  • Invited representatives of other Member States and international organizations


19th AFI Plan Steering Committee Meeting Final Report


AFI Plan SC19- Tentative Agenda and Programme


Discussion Papers


DP/01 - AFI Plan Secretariat

  • Progress Report on the implementation of the AFI Plan since the eighteenth meeting of the Steering Committee and status of implementation of the 2017 Work Programme


​DP/02 - AFI Plan Secretariat

  • Review of the Implementation Status of AFI Plan Projects



  • Report on the revised Abuja Safety Targets and Incorporation of AIr Navigation Services Performance Indicators and Targets

DP/04 - AATO

  • Progress report on the Review of the African Aviation Training Road Map


​DP/05 - AFI Plan Secretariat

  • Briefing on the African Flight Procedure Programme (AFPP)


DP/06 - AFI Plan Secretariat

  • Outcomes of the Forum on RSOOs for Global Aviation Safety (22-24 March 2017



Presentation of Secretariat's Disscussion Papers 1,2,5,6
DP 03 - Revision of Abuja Safety Targets and Incorporation of ANS Performance Indicators
DP 04 - African Aviation Training Roadmap
EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) - safety projects
​FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) - Africa objectives and Initiatives
Safe Skies for Africa - U.S department of Transportation
​Turkey's Efforts for enhancing Safety in Africa
Outcomes of the Fouth AFI Aviation Safety Symposium
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