About AFI Plan

The Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa (AFI Plan) was developed to address the concerns expressed by the ICAO Council on the safety status of aircraft operations in the AFI Region. The Council recognized that the problem facing the States in the AFI Region and many other States are similar in nature.
The AFI Plan was adopted by the 36th ICAO Assembly (Assembly Resolution A36-1). To implement the AFI Plan, the ICAO Secretary General established on 1 January 2008 the AFI Comprehensive Implementation Programme (ACIP).
ACIP developed its work programme around three focus areas to give effect to the objectives of the AFI Plan:   
  1. Enabling States to establish and maintain a sustainable safety oversight system (infra-structure and capacity building);
  2. Assisting States to resolve identified deficiencies within a reasonable time; and
  3. Enhancing aviation safety culture of African aviation service providers. 
Below is a highlight of the activities undertaken in each focus area by ACIP between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2010. 
Under Focus area 1: Enable States to establish and maintain a sustainable safety oversight system (infra-structure and capacity building);  
  1. ACIP conducted seven Global Aviation Safety Roadmap (GASR) workshops.
  2. ACIP worked closely with Regional groupings (BAG, EAC Partner States, CEMAC, UEMOA, SADC and States in the MID and ESAF Regions) in assisting them establish Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs) and Regional Accident Investigation Agencies (RAIAs).  
Under Focus area 2: Assisting States to resolve identified deficiencies within a reasonable time 
  1. ACIP conducted a number of safety-related seminars and workshops. Those include  Personnel licensing and Aircraft Operations, Aircraft airworthiness and maintenance, Organization and Management of a State’s Safety Oversight System, Air Traffic Control Operations and Safety aerodrome safety management, aviation medicine, Transport of Dangerous Goods by air and three ECCAIRS training courses. 
  2. ACIP conducted two Government Safety Inspectors (GSI) courses in Airworthiness and one GSI course in Operations based on training course material provided by FAA and endorsed by ICAO. In addition, in coordination with ICAO AGA section, ACIP developed and conducted an Aerodrome Safety Inspector Course.  
  3. ACIP conducted a survey on aviation training needs and available capability with the aim or reviewing training needs, evaluating the training capabilities available throughout the continent and identifying the barriers constraining the availability of affordable quality training programmes in Africa. The result of the survey was analyzed by the Training Expert Working Group (TEWG). The analysis of the TEWG was later discussed at the Second Pan African Aviation Training Conference which developed a roadmap for the harmonization of aviation training in Africa.
Under Focus area 3: Enhancing aviation safety culture of African aviation service providers:  
  1. ACIP conducted 3 State Safety Programme (SSP) and Safety Management System (SMS) seminar and training courses and various high level meetings in 2009;
  2. Development of African capabilities was the theme adopted by ACIP in 2010, as a result a total of 12 safety management courses in English and French were conducted throughout the continent. In addition, half-day long high-level management safety awareness seminars were provided to senior management personnel of States and service providers, including executives on the margins of the training courses. During this period, 29 SSP/SMS Instructors from 14 African States and two Regional Organizations were successfully trained and approved.  
As of January 2011, the implementation of the AFI Plan is integrated into the programme of activities of ICAO Africa Regional Offices.
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