AFI Plan Objectives

Objectives of the Plan


Near-term objectives

  • Finalize the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa (AFI Plan) after additional guidance from the ANC and Council through the approval process, and further refine the resource requirements and mission travel based on the findings of a gap analysis;  

  • Increase ICAO leadership and accountability in programme coordination and management across the AFI Region;

  • Establish implementation modalities applying the methodology of the Global Aviation Safety Roadmap;

  • Effective implementation of the Plan with respect to rectifying deficiencies identified by USOAP, IATA IOSA and other similar auditing tools, as well as those in the infrastructure area identified by APIRG, which are considered as requiring urgent action;

  • Ensure efficient management of the Plan.


 Medium-term objectives

  • To strengthen civil aviation authorities with respect to their safety oversight capabilities;

  • To increase compliance with ICAO SARPs and industry’s best practice;

  • To increase the number of qualified personnel at the industry and oversight levels;

  • To improve the quality of inspectors and other civil aviation staff through training;

  • To ensure impartial and unimpeachable investigation and reporting of serious accidents and incidents;

  • To enhance regional cooperation;

  • To enhance capacity of regional and sub-regional safety oversight systems;

  •  To ensure expeditious implementation of aviation safety management systems for airports, air navigation services providers and airlines;

  • To improve assistance in oversight to least developed States;

  • To provide expert aviation knowledge within the reach of the targeted States via the web.


 Long-term objectives

  •  To increase credibility of States and regional organizations, attracting investors and customers for the industry;

  • To increase relevance of the global SARPs development and implementation process to the region, as well as the participation of States in the SARPs development process;

  • To heighten transparency into the region’s aviation oversight activity, enabling more rapid problem resolution and regionally prioritized action;

  • To provide a structured and coordinated approach for participation of all stakeholders active in the effort to increase aviation safety in the Africa-Indian Ocean Region, allowing efforts to be driven not only to States but also to all stakeholders involved in the air transport system;

  • To establish coordination and cooperation in training activities undertaken in the AFI Region.

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