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Flight Operations

COVID-related constraints and concerns have led to significant changes to flight operations. While it may be some time before operations can be considered "normal", guidance provided in this section offers a means for adapting flight operations in the "new normal" of COVID conditions, as well as moving back towards a situation whereby the various flight ops-related SARPs are complied with, even if using alternative means.


The flight operations guidance is grouped under the following headings:

  • Personnel

The guidance provided in this section addresses aspects related to training, licensing, flight and duty time limitations and fatigue management, and methods for supporting personnel and preparing them for return to work.

  •  Aircraft

This section includes information related to storage of aircraft, disinfection of aircraft and returning aircraft to service.

  • Cargo

Guidance in this section addresses the flight ops implications of cargo-related activities such as transporting vaccines requiring cold storage and transporting cargo in the passenger cabin.

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