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Returning to normal crew training, proficiency and recency validity periods

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and the need for an extension to the validity period of the pilot license and associated ratings, National Aviation Authorities have approved globally, for a limited period, alternative solutions to the traditional licensing and operational requirements.


The value of these alternative solutions was clearly to ensure operations when maintaining pilot recent experience was difficult to achieve, the training capacity was limited, and the administrative licensing revalidation process was disturbed. However, as of 31st March 2021, it is expected that the States will not grant any more alleviations.


The following sections offer possible solutions for challenges associated with returning to normal crew proficiency and recency validity periods:

For the restart of operations, States and Operators must be confident that pilots are performing to the adequate performance standards to ensure safe and efficient operations. This Roadmap supports States, operators and training organizations that are managing the end of the training alleviations period.  It provides incremental training solutions that reflect the duration of the limited training period and the pilot's operational experience.

In order to manage the training solutions described in the roadmap, operators will need to have a plan to ensure their instructors and evaluators (IE) are fully recent and competent. This section provides additional information to assist with the process of IE refresher training.

This section builds on the Public Health Corridor concept to enable training and PPCs to be conducted in the FSTD facilities of a training organization in another State or region.

This tool supports States and organizations in anticipating and planning for mitigations as a result of deferred certificate validity renewals stacking up.

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