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Managing Risks to Human Performance (HP)

Given the centrality of human performance to the performance of the global aviation system, factors that may impede an individual's ability to perform safety-related duties must be managed carefully and effectively.  Such factors have only increased in COVID-impacted conditions, because of:

  • the effects on individual mental health and well-being (see ICAO Electronic Bulletin 2020/55); and

  • extensive and rapid changes to the work environment as a consequence of:

      • The need to maintain physical distancing and to wear personal protective equipment;
      • Meeting new requirements for quarantining, sanitization, hygiene and health status checks;
      • Diminished availability of human resources due to, for example, restricted work access for vulnerable people and personnel on furlough.


This section focuses on the management of operational safety risks posed by the challenges of flight crew working in the "new normal" of COVID-impacted conditions.  Guidance is provided under the following headings:

1. HP challenges for flight crew working in COVID-impacted conditions

2. Supporting flight crew returning to work after a long absence

3. Mitigations and safety barriers for operators

4. Personal mitigations for crew

5. What can States do?



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