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Aircraft Parking and Storage

Due to the current global COVID-19 crisis, an unusually large number of commercial aircraft is currently parked or stored and are out of revenue service for an extended amount of time.  

  • ​General information

This section provides specific OEM-identified measures to support operators in storing and preserving aircraft to allow for a smooth return to service as flight activities progressively return to normal. Operators are reminded that storage and maintenance actions on a stored aircraft must be approved by the State of the registry as part of the aircraft maintenance program.

  • Security issues 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to undergo significant transformation, rethinking key elements of their business processes and using information and communication technologies to support their operations.

This evolution, along with the unprecedented occupancy rate of the usual aircraft parking areas or the use of new ones, is likely to create staff dissatisfaction, new threat vectors and/or increased vulnerabilities that need to be addressed quickly in security risk management activities. This section provides guidance on measures to address threats to parked and stored aircraft in relation to:

1. Physical Security


2. Cyber Security


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