Supporting Strategies — Transparency


The Secretariat supported the implementation of significant enhancements to the Council website on the secure portal. Improvements were made to the calendar view of meetings, the left-navigation menu, the Council Sessions pages, as well as the overall presentation of documentation on the Council site, in addition to several other improvements. A new search engine was also developed. These enhancements had resulted in a more accessible and user-friendly site. In addition, some reforms were introduced to the Orders of Business of the Council, which now included hyperlinks to the relevant Council documentation, thus facilitating efforts to work in a paperless environment. The Secretariat also enabled some enhancements on access to Council information on the public website including the provision of a session overview page with date ranges, calendar of meetings, Orders of Business of the Council, meeting location and date, as well as posting of Council decisions in six official languages. Efforts were taken to consider the possibility of livestreaming the informal briefings of the Council on a case-by-case basis.

As recommended by the first External Quality Assessment of the Audit function and the Peer Review of the Evaluation function and in order to further increase transparency in making the results of oversight assignments publicly available, the Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) drafted a Policy on Public Disclosure of Internal Audit and Evaluation Reports which was approved by the Council in November 2020. As a result, all internal audit and evaluation reports issued after this date are now posted on ICAO’s public website. The Annual Reports of the Chief, OIO are also publicly available on ICAO’s website.

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