Emerging Aviation Issues — Innovation


ICAO held two informal briefings during the Committee phase of the 221st Session to provide an opportunity to clarify a range of issues raised during the Council’s consideration of the possible establishment of a high-level body with the industry, and an invitation was extended to stakeholders who are not members of international organizations with observer status to ICAO. The format of these informal briefings contributed to enhancing ICAO’s transparency on its current and future work on innovation and provided a unique opportunity to reach out to innovation stakeholders beyond the aviation sector. Subsequent work directed by Council members led to the adoption by the Council of the terms of reference of an ICAO-Industry Consultative Forum during the 221st Session.

In November 2020, ICAO and the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) signed a Declaration of Intent aimed at accelerating and improving the effective assessment of new aviation technologies and innovations.

From 8 to 11 December 2020, ICAO hosted a Global Symposium on the Implementation of Innovation in Aviation. The global aviation and innovation community was engaged across all regions through the organization of webinars and broadcasting on ICAO TV. The success of the Symposium was a result of a collaborative effort across all Bureaus and Regional Offices. The panels covered a wide range of themes including Green Innovation, Passenger Differentiation, Economic Aspects of Innovation, Regional Panels on Digitization, Artificial Intelligence, Higher Airspace Operations, Regional Panels on Innovation, Training, Implementation and iPacks. The engagement of over 140 panelists to design the sessions, as well as the strong willingness to present regional perspectives, led to the organization of high-value added event.

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