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Human Resources Policy


During the reporting year, the Council approved amendments to The ICAO Service Code in order to be fully aligned with the revised Evaluation and Internal Audit Office (EAO) Charter in respect of the appointment and dismissal of the Chief, EAO. The Council also reviewed and maintained, without change, the existing provisions contained in The ICAO Service Code on secondment and on term limits in ICAO at the management level.


In the area of recruitment, significant outreach activities were undertaken, including the use of social media, in an effort to attract qualified candidates for ICAO posts, especially for senior managerial positions at the D-2 and D-1 levels. Special efforts were also made to increase the pool of female candidates for Professional and higher level posts at ICAO, in accordance with Assembly Resolution A39-30 on Gender Equality. Additional activities are planned for the coming year as part of implementation of the ICAO Gender Equality Programme.


The Secretariat implemented various outreach strategies aimed at attracting candidates from all Member States. These initiatives included increasing the number of internship opportunities; awarding an Aviation Scholarship under a partnership with the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA); and engaging three Young Aviation Professional officers jointly with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports Council International (ACI) to acquire experience in the regulatory work of ICAO and in aviation in general.


The 39th Session of the Assembly adopted Resolution A39-30, “ICAO Gender Equality Programme promoting the participation of women in the global aviation sector”. The Resolution calls for intensified efforts to be made by Member States and the ICAO Secretariat towards establishing and/or strengthening initiatives related to gender equality. In this connection, the Secretary General has established an Advisory Committee on Gender Equality, consisting of senior Secretariat officials, to lead and guide the work of the Organization on this issue. Taking into account the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, the Secretary General approved the ICAO Gender Equality Programme as well as an accompanying implementation plan which details specific actions to be undertaken by responsible bureaus/entities over a three-year period.

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