Amendments and Manuals — Amendments

Amendments adopted in 2017


Amendment 174 to Annex 1 — Personnel Licensing


This amendment enables, within a group of States, the automatic validation of licences issued by any State of the group when those States are party to a formal agreement under common licensing regulations. Such formal agreements can be implemented in various regions and improve the mobility of licensed personnel and can be introduced with the support of a Regional Safety Oversight Organization, as appropriate. The amendment to Annex 1 became applicable on 9 November 2017.


Amendment 42 to Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport — Aeroplanes


This amendment introduces an additional Standard and Recommended Practice (SARP) to facilitate the practical implementation of normal tracking provisions. The amendment to Annex 6, Part I, will become applicable on 8 November 2018.


Amendment 5 to the Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Training (PANS-TRG, Doc 9868)


This amendment introduces revised definitions for terms related to competencies; a description of how competency-related concepts are interlinked; and a generic methodology to design competency-based training and assessment. This amendment will become applicable on 5 November 2020.

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