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Remotely Piloted Aircraft


A study was presented to the 36th Session of the Legal Committee (30 November to 3 December 2015) on the issue of liability as it relates to Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), which concluded that the existing international legal liability regime in its current state is legally adequate.


The Committee concluded that other aspects of RPA operations might still merit continued consideration of an international framework and expressed broad support for a questionnaire to States, both as a means of gathering information on national RPAS legislation, and as a means to identify potentially relevant international legal issues. This questionnaire (State letter LE 4/63 – 16/77) was distributed on 29 August 2016 and called on States to submit their responses by 31 October 2016. These responses will be analysed and a report presented to the 37th Session of the Legal Committee in September 2018.

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