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European Commission Joint Assistance Project


The ICAO and European Union (EU) joint assistance project “Capacity building for CO2 mitigation from international aviation”, aims at providing assistance to a selected group of 14 States in Africa and the Caribbean to support the development and implementation of their States’ action plans on CO2 emissions reduction from international aviation; to establish aviation environmental systems at the State level; and to identify, evaluate and implement mitigation measures in selected States.


Under the ICAO-EU project, the 14 selected States developed and submitted robust State Action Plans on CO2 emissions reduction activities. A tailor-made Aviation Environmental System (AES) was installed in all 14 States which started to collect CO2 emissions data from aviation and send regular reports to ICAO. Further studies of the identified mitigation measures, including feasibility studies, have been undertaken. Two feasibility studies on the development of alternative fuels have been initiated in the Caribbean. ICAO also organized two hands-on seminars focused on the mitigation measures to be implemented by the selected States under the project, one in Gabon for the African States in November and another in the Dominican Republic for the Caribbean States in December.

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