ICAO: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for States to develop and agree on a new civil aviation Standard through ICAO?


Typically, it takes approximately two years for an initial proposal for new or improved Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) or Procedures for Air Navigation Services (PANs) to be formally adopted or approved for inclusion in a Convention Annex or a PANS manual. 


Occasionally, this timescale can be expanded or compressed depending on the nature and priority of the proposal under consideration.


Throughout the process, all concerned may review all aspects of the context and actions being considered, and Council at its discretion may also recommend certain matters for consideration by the full ICAO Assembly (held once every three years with all 193 ICAO Member States in attendance).


It is in this manner that over  12,000 SARPs and PANS have been developed and amended over the last seven decades, supporting a harmonized and truly worldwide civil aviation network as it safely and efficiently fulfils its rapid global connectivity mandate for states, businesses and societies.

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