ICAO: Frequently Asked Questions

If I receive poor service from my airline or airport, can ICAO help?


ICAO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations for international civil aviation, helps States to cooperate together in support of the safe, secure and efficient operation of the global air transport network.


ICAO has no authority to assess, act, or otherwise participate in complaints relating to the transport of passengers, cargo or mail by airlines, including those matters relating to lost or stolen baggage, flight rescheduling, unruly passengers and other perceived safety or security risks, etc.


Any issues or dissatisfaction which customers may encounter must be resolved directly with the airline or airport organizations in question, or brought to the attention of the civil aviation authority in the government under which the airline or airport operates.


Depending on their specific circumstances, customers may also wish to seek advice from a suitably qualified legal practitioner or consumer advocacy group, in order to determine their rights or avenues of redress, if any, in any given case.

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