AFI 2023 Seminar on State Action Plan (SAP) and the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

Dakar, 29-31 August 2023


​ 0. 41st ICAO Assembly Outcome and Follow-up Actions by ICAO

​ 1. Update on State Action Plans (SAP) Initiative

​2. Airports and Operations and Green Airports

​3. Developments in ACT-SAF

​4. Introduction to Sustainable Aviation Fuels

​5. ICAO “Guidance on Potential Policies and Coordinated Approaches for the deployment of Sustainable Aviation Fuels”

​6. CORSIA Overview

7. CORSIA’s Monitoring, Reporting
and Verification system and related tools

​8. CORSIA Eligible Fuels

​9. CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

​Plans d’action des États et CORSIA

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