Fifth Meeting of the Performance Based Navigation Route Network Development

(PRND WG/5), (Dakar, Senegal, 17 to 20 February 2015)





Invitation Letter
Provisional Agenda
Terms of Reference
Registration Form
Information Bulletin








WP/1 -  Agenda and Chairperson
             Appendix A - Provisional Agenda
WP/2 -  Review APIRG Conclusions
              Appendix A1 - APIRG19 List of Conclusions
              Appendix A2 - APIRG19 - Consolidated Conclusions and Decisions
WP/3 -  Development of ATS Route
WP/3 -  Development of ATS Route (SM)
WP/4 -  Advancing PRND WG work
WP/5 -  Review PRND WG ToR
             Appendix A - PRND TOR
             Appendix B - APIRG-EO Report
WP/8 -  Avoiding Areas of Conflict in South Sudan - IATA
PRND WG/4 WG3_4 _By Groups_CO2 Savings (excel)
                                                       INFORMATION PAPERS
IP/1 -  Order of Business


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