An Overview of the ICAO Innovation Workshop

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This webinar gives an overview of ICAO's Innovation Workshop, which covers the fundamentals of innovation in aviation - what innovation means and how it exists in the aviation sector. The workshop intends to host a dialogue between industry, regulators, and the research community to critically examine challenges and opportunities in innovation and identify common problems while together finding appropriate solutions. The format will include discussions around a number of case studies and concrete examples. Webinar participants will have a clear idea of what this workshop can bring in terms of value to the aviation community.


The aviation industry, regulators and academia.


Dunia Abboud, Associate Analysis Officer, ICAO


Martin Rico, Conceptual Design Assistant, Future Aviation, ICAO


Maki Kuwabara, Associate Processes and Analysis Officer, ICAO


Valeria Chavez, Administrative Assistant, Future Aviation, ICAO

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