CAPSCA EUR-MID/10 Meeting and Aviation Medicine Workshop

CAPSCA EUR-MID/10 Meeting and Aviation Medicine Workshop
(Bahrain, 14 - 18 February 2023)
​Invitation Letter
​PPT #
​Presentation Title   ​
Airports responses to the COVID19 Pandemic and the Way Forward
​Bahrain Aviation Vision with Respect to CAPSCA

​Bahrain Covid19 Overview

​Border Health Management UK approach UK CAPSCA


CAPSCA objectives Overview​
​CAPSCA Roles  - Overview

Deployment of ICAO iPack on PHC to Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan​
Ectopic beats  hidden signals Clinical cases​
Feedback on the aviation preparedness planning based on experience of the Republic of Belarus during the COVID-19 pandemic​
Hamad International Airport - Emergency Exercise​
ICAO Assembly 41 and CAPSCA​
ICAO provisions for PHE in Aviation​
IHR implementation at Points of Entry Designation under the IHR​
iPack PHC Deployment for Jordan​
​Is the 1 percent rule applicable for CVD risk assessment in aeromedical practice

Post COVID19 Condition Certification​
Sudan presentation on Response to COVID19 Pandemic​
Update from WHO​
Wastewater testing strategies and guidelines [Recovered]​
Wastewater testing strategies and guidelines​
​WHO Initiatives Outcomes

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