Seventh Meeting of the RASG-MID Steering Committee

(Cairo, Egypt, 3-5 March 2020)
​Invitation Letter         
Reminder                   ​
Group Photo            ​
​List of Participants
Final Report         ​
 Working Papers
​WP #
Agenda Item #
WP Title   ​
1​ 1 Provisional Agenda and Election of RSC Co-Chairs
​2 2​ Global developments related to Aviation Safety
Follow-up on the RASG-MID/7 Conclusions and Decisions
​43​Outcomes of the ASRG/1​
​5​3ASPIG/1 Outcomes related to the Aerodrome Certification Implementation
​6​3ASPIG/1 Outcomes related to the Runway Safety Teams Implementation 
​7​3Progress of the Safety Enhancement Initiatives (SEIs)​
8​3Implementation Progress of the SEIs related to Safety Management
​9​3Accident & Incident Investigation Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM)  Implementation Action Plan
​10​4ANS Safety Issues
​11​4Aerodrome Design and Operations
​12​5The new RASG-MID Organizational Structure and TORs of the RASG-MID and RSC
​13​5RASG-MID Procedural Handbook and Working Arrangements
​145Future Work Programme
Information Papers
​IP #IP Title
​1List of Working and Information Papers​​
​2Daily Order of Business and Work Programme​​
​​PPT #PPT Title
​1Status of Safety Indicators and Targets
​2UAE Experience related to SSPIA
Enhancement of ELP to reduce accidents
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